Mike to the left and Luke (Owner) right

Rip Mike Bender (3-11-89/4-5-19)

This company was the goal of my brother and I since I began working with him. He taught me every right way to do every element of roofing. Before we could pursue our dreams together Mike lost his fight to depression by taking his own life. Since the day my brother past Bender Roofing, LLC was formed to honor his legacy

Our Team

Luke Bender, Owner

I learned roofing and home improvement the right way from my older brother Mike who has had 15+ years experience in multiple trades. Our team consists of experienced and trained installers that strive to do work the only way its meant to be. 

Saquawnn Mccoy, Project Manager

Saquawnn (Quawn), is a 10+ year, experienced general contractor with multiple certifications as an installer.